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Case Study - Allegiance
  LuminX benefits management system case study

Allegiance Benefit Plan Management is a Missoula, Montana-based company that has been providing benefits administration to employers for over 25 years. Since its earliest days, the company has been a leader in providing health and flexible benefit plans to employer groups and plan participants throughout the American West. They remain dedicated to one thing: outstanding customer service. That commitment continues through every solution they provide to their customers and to the vendors with which they partner.


When Allegiance selected LuminX in 1999, they had three challenges in mind: a need for electronic data interchange, a need to integrate their basic business operations and a need for more efficient auto-adjudication capabilities. "Some of these issues were essential in that they were mandated by regulatory guidelines, while others were operational efficiencies that would directly correlate to us providing the best possible service to our customers," said Dirk Visser, CEO, Allegiance.

Visser explained that having a complete source for various solutions gives Allegiance the flexibility they need to provide comprehensive administrative solutions that meet their customers' wide-ranging needs. "We have customers who need health benefits administration, others who exclusively seek reimbursement capabilities and others still who may need both types of administration. With this last group, we are able to virtually eliminate the need for multiple claim requests because we can integrate and adjudicate their flex claims without resubmitting a health claim. Ultimately, it's better for the employer and the user in terms of client satisfaction," he said.


"There are software enhancements integrated into the solution that make our administrative services more attractive to our customers, who now benefit from sophisticated account analysis options that allow them to slice and combine data in a way that meets their needs," Visser said. Allegiance benefits from the combination of global remote access capability. Web accessible tools that provide online enrollment and eligibility maintenance and a robust reporting package with advanced business intelligence technology. "Combined, they make a very powerful tool," he said.


"Allegiance is an extremely efficient organization, and since 1999, we have become even more resourceful by using existing staff to handle substantially more business than we could on our prior platform," Visser said. "We've been able to integrate and consolidate our systems to create one source instead of continually moving in and out of multiple programs. Everything from enrollment and accounting to claims and reporting is all integrated and easy to access in one place," he said.