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Case Study - BeniComp
  LuminX benefits management system case study

BeniComp® is a third-party administrator (TPA) based in Fort Wayne, IN. BeniComp Advantage - a unique program developed and administered by the TPA - offers a supplemental group medical insurance policy that works in conjunction with a high deductible health plan. It marries the best of consumer-driven health plan initiatives with wellness and disease management initiatives to give employees a way to earn credits that lower their "net" deductible as they lower their personal health risks.


BeniComp originally selected LuminX in 2000 to address the changes necessary for Y2K, as well as the issues related to fully integrated scanning services and auto-adjudication.


In working with LuminX and learning about its offerings, BeniComp was able to develop and launch BeniComp Advantage. The dynamic plan building features and EDI capabilities of LuminX means BeniComp's billing, eligibility management and claims adjudication processes are practically worry-free. With 99% auto-adjudication through the system, BeniComp Advantage staff can focus on the sales, implementations and relationship management.


LuminX gave BeniComp the ability to create new projects and new policies which have since become critical to their business model. Today they pay third-party administrator claims but also serve as the national back-office for New York Life, Security Financial Life and others. They recently received the highest quality rating possible from a national insurance carrier conducting an audit.