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Case Study - Tim Davis & Associates, Inc.
  LuminX benefits management system case study

Centrally located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, south of Louisville, Employee Benefits Administrators, a division of Tim Davis & Associates, Inc., is a benefits administration firm with the resources and experience to respond to virtually any employee benefit-related need from day-to-day administration of a self-funded group health plan to identifying a provider network in another locale.


In evaluating solutions, a few things stood out to the company, among them, they needed a solution that gave them the ability to process and adjudicate claims faster; they also wanted a solution that would help them streamline the office to create a virtually paperless environment. "It's important to our customers that we provide a quick processing and turnaround time to remove the possibility of missing HIPAA deadlines. When we're more efficient, our self-funded customers are happier," said Marc Sanborn, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Tim Davis & Associates, Inc. And naturally, they needed to be able to ensure that when they needed specific functionality, it was available or could be developed, and that a team of customer service and technical experts would be prepared to respond to the updates Tim Davis & Associates, Inc. required, in a way that did not disrupt the service to their customers.


Employee Benefits Administrators ultimately selected LuminX. "We have the ability to offer many types of plans and benefit packages - and adjudicate all of them out of LuminX," Sanborn said. They can offer clients an HSA or standard health plan, and can support any combination of health/vision/dental. "The flexibility of this solution allows us to serve as a TPA for medical plans as easily as the back room for a fully-insured vision company. We're able to meet a larger variety of customer needs," he said.


Employee Benefits Administrators has continued to realize results over the past six years. Initially, the implementation allowed their staff to reorganize duties to spend less time manually paying claims and more time on customer service. "The solution allows us to be less focused on getting claims out the door and spend more time providing a much higher level of customer service, which our clients notice and appreciate" Sanborn said.

"With LuminX we can also create other revenue streams, such as consolidated billing services. Whether our customers offer medical, dental or flex accounts, we have to be able to invoice them. We've taken this experience into consideration in developing a product that allows companies to enroll all of their benefits online and we can bill them and forward the proper payment to all the third parties they use, while only minimally increasing our FTEs," he said.

Tim Davis & Associates is able to provide their clients dramatically enhanced customer service, increase client share and add more jobs to the local community. "I can go to current clients and provide consolidated billing for life insurance and other needs in addition to their health/dental/flex, and in doing so provide them the convenience of one trusted relationship instead of three," he said.

And LuminX meets the company's original desire to have the control they require over their software, the functionality offered, the upgrades, and when the implementations take place - ensuring the support they need and no unpleasant surprises for them or the customers they serve.