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Transform Data into Powerful, Decision-Making Information

The iBIZ online reporting tool brings together world class business intelligence technology and the Internet for advanced reporting and distribution.  iBIZ is a complete business intelligence solution that delivers critical analysis with zero footprint since it's 100% available through a browser. Customers get robust functionality with no plug-ins to install and no end-user complexity—which translates into a lower cost of ownership and higher customer satisfaction.


Access Data 24/7

  • Access business intelligence such as paid claims, total plan cost and premium expense
  • Perform detailed analysis to help make important business decisions
  • Run reports for Total Plan Cost, Total Plan Cost by Enrollment, Claims Analysis, Large Claims and others

The iBIZ business intelligence solution gives you immediate access to the information that is critical to operations and decision-making, with flexible presentation options, and drill-down functionality for detailed review.