Ebix Health
Online Enrollment and Eligibility

Enrollment and Benefits Review Made Easy—for You and Your Clients

The LuminX Comprehensive Enrollment Wizard (CEW) is a powerful tool that makes the online enrollment process easy. Participants, employers and administrators can perform self-serve enrollment and eligibility management transactions via the Web while maintaining seamless integration with the LuminX system.

What Makes Our Online Enrollment Different?

Rules-based Enrollment: A powerful rule set is used to determine eligibility so that the only benefits offered are those for which an employee qualifies.

LuminX Extensibility: Benefits or coverages that can be built in LuminX can be enrolled in via the Web.

Timeliness: Once approved by the Benefits Administrator, benefit changes are immediate.

Full Integration: No downloads; no uploads. CEW seamlessly integrates with your LuminX system.


  • Replaces time-consuming paperwork and increases accuracy with employee self-serve enrollment.
  • Tailors employee benefits choices to only those which the employee is eligible for-- further increasing enrollment accuracy.
  • Handles open enrollment and changes in status-- for life events salary or job changes-- further reducing HR involvement.
  • Expand your reach by offering your employers and employees e-business capabilities with the CEW online enrollment tool.