Ebix Health
LuminX Preferred Cost Containment
Significantly Reduce Your Clients' Health Plan Costs

LuminX Preferred™ Cost Containment is the first end-to-end, integrated cost containment solution for healthcare payors built around a claims transaction system that encompasses a full spectrum of services. Leverage the benefits of having multiple claims services integrated into one entity on one claims platform.

We've selected the best-of-breed companies in each process area — Preferred Solution Partners — to integrate with the LuminX system. When you use LuminX Preferred Cost Containment, along with our powerful claims processing engine, you'll get:

  • Clinical Editing
  • Clinical Bill Review and Audit
  • Medical Management
    • Health Screening
    • Care and Case Management
    • Demand Management
  • Fraud Detection
  • PPO Repricing
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management
  • Subrogation and Claims Recovery
  • Debit Card Capabilities